Trout Town IPA -Roscoe NY

Todays beer review is Trout Town Eagle IPA. It is an india pale ale from Roscoe brewing co. In Roscoe NY. The beer has a nice citrus smell. As any good IPA should it has a hoppy almost pine tree flavor. I got a nice silky mouthfeel to the beer. The finish however leaves me... Continue Reading →

Cohiba Red Dot

Back with another "On The Money" review. This weeks cigar of choice is the Cohiba Red Dot. Cohiba Red Dot uses only the finest tobaccos and the best crafters when producing these cigars. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, this is a brother to Fidel Castro's strictly regulated Cuban Cohiba. It is the only cigar with... Continue Reading →

Laveggio Roasteria – Cafe review

Let's talk about how my normal day goes. It starts with hungry boys in the morning. Then getting to the jobsite and setting up our employees for the day. Phone calls, phone calls, and more phone calls. Make an advertisement for some random customers. More phone calls! Go on estimates and set up bids. Do... Continue Reading →

Henry McKenna 10

Here we go with another budget Whisk(e)y Review! Call me crazy but ya gotta get excited, when you find an affordable Bourbon, that actually tastes good! Good enough to drink straight up and neat. Not only that, but ya dont feel too terribly bad mixing it when "that guy" comes over and wants to bastardize... Continue Reading →

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