Touring the world one whiskey at a time – The blind tasting. Who got what right?

It was another fantastic nite in the lounge this friday. We hosted a blind whisk(e)y tasting for a few local gentleman. The Retro Cocktail Hour was on and the girls were excited to help out.

There were fifteen top and bottom shelf whiskies in total from Canada, America, Scotland, and Ireland. The goal wasn’t to review each kind but to experience the differences from a wide range of whiskies. Everyone had note cards to scratch down the different colors, scents and tastes from each expression and try to guess what region it was from and what whiskey it was. Also which ones were thier favorites. All the men were experienced whiskey enthusiasts so I couldn’t wait to see the results.


  1. Crown Royal – Canadian
  2. Jack Daniels – Tennessee
  3. Evan Williams green – Kentucky
  4. Evan Williams Black – Kentucky
  5. Jim Beam – Kentucky
  6. 1792 Small batch bourbon – Kentucky
  7. Tullamore Dew – Ireland
  8. Jamesons – Ireland
  9. Dewars white label – Scotland
  10. Islay mist 8 year blended – Scotland
  11. Tomatin 12 year single malt Scotland
  12. Glenmorangie 10 year single malt – Scotland
  13. Glenlivet 12 year single malt – Scotland
  14. Laphroig Select – Scotland
  15. Ardbeg An Oa – Scotland

The tasting:

Each whiskey came out in no specific order. All half ounce pours in numbered glasses. Only the ladies serving the drinks new what was in them. I think they had just as much fun listening to the men trying to figure out the mystery dram as the men did.

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Everyone had no problem picking out the Irish whiskies. The Tullamore Dew was the favorite followed up by Jameson.

In the Scotch dept. They struggled with determining which Highland was which. Notes of cereal, dried fruit and floral notes were written on the cards. It was too close to call. Glenlivet being the favorite of the bunch. The Islay whisky stood out with the higher proof and smoother Ardbeg An Oa being the Favorite over Laphroig. Thier were notes of band aids, iodine, campfire and even armpit!

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As far as North America goes we snuck Crown Royal and Jack Daniels in with a batch of Bourbons. Caramel, spice, leather, coconut and sweetness was the main flavors noted. Only one guessed which was which. It was Evan Williams Black.

By this time the ladies couldn’t help laughing at us all!

A big thank you to Darrel Brogden for hosting another great episode of The Retro Cocktail Hour!

After the tasting was complete we stepped out side to the fire place and enjoyed a full glass (or two) of our favorite spirit of the nite along with a bowl full of lane 1q in our briar pipes.

Stay tuned next time as I will be doing a Tomatin 12 year cigar pairing!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! My friends and I have been wanting to do this for a while now. I definitely love the Irish whiskey! Thanks for a great post.


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