Matthew McConaughey; From Oscar’s to Wild Turkey.

Matthew has been an icon and figure head on television for over 20 years. King of cool and manly charm. Now Master distiller, Eddie Russel’s 2 year collaboration with the actor combines the classic Kentucky Bourbon with a smoky mesquite twist.

Credit: getty images wild turkey.

The mash up of critically acclaimed actor with Texas roots alongside the lawrenceburg whiskey maker makes for an exciting and unique flavor profile.

Since 2016 and his new position as creative director he has been more than just a spokesperson for the distillery. McConaughey has been a big part of the creation of thier newest line of bourbon. Longbranch, is an 8 year old bourbon softened traditionaly with Oak charcoal filtration. It is then run through mesquite charcoal giving the spirit what I find to be a subtle touch of bbq smoke. A well rounded and affordable bourbon with a cutting edge Texas twist setting this smooth sipping bourbon apart from its competition!

Click image to get your bbq rubs!

Try Longbranch whiskey at your next bbq or cookout. It pairs well with pulled pork and ribs. Don’t forget to use Barnyard Spice on your shoulder, ribs and brisket!

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