What’s in your pipe? Peterson’s Irish Flake.

Put the aromatics away and step up to the plate. Today’s tobacco review is Perterson’s Irish Flake.

Being a fan of strong tobaccos, this Irish blend from Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a blend of Burley, Kentucky and Virginia. Don’t expect vanilla or bourbon or any toppings on this flake style tobacco. Just expect to smoke pure tobacco.

This is truly one of my favorite tobacco blends. A full strength flavor of nutty tobacco.

It’s pressed and cut into flakes making it store well and maintain its full integrity. After rubbing it out, it does well to set on the tray a bit. Let it air out before packing into the bowl. I promise you it will make for a much better burn and flavor. This is a moist smoking blend requiring a few re-lights. You will also notice it wets the stem a bit and will need a pipe cleaner when finished.

As stated in thier words, “recommended for the experienced pipe smoker”! For good reason at that. Strong nicotine is delivered from this perfect blend of fire, dark and flue cured tobaccos.

For a taste of the Irish and a relaxing experience, enjoy Petersons the next time you fill your pipe!

Thank you to reader Albert Degenaro for sending in a tin of tobacco for review!

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