Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition Irish Whiskey

In the USA when somebody says Irish Whiskey, the first thought to come to mind is Jameson Irish Whiskey. It goes hand in hand with a guiness and saint patty’s day. Produced at the Midelton Distillery along side of Powers, Redbreast, Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Midleton and Paddy, and more this highly marketed spirit is one of the most popular from their line up.

Recently they have begun age barreling thier juice, in used beer kegs. The first to this series is the stout edition and the second being today’s review the IPA edition.

Word has it, that a brewery in ireland,Franciscan Well, borrowed some used Jameson casks to age thier brew in. Once finished they were returned and refilled with cask strength blended Jameson. After aging them for 6 months approximately 3,500 bottles were produced.

Mash Bill: Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey + Single Grain Irish Whiskey
Cask: Ex-Bourbon & ex-IPA
Age: NAS (3+ Years)
ABV: 40%

Price: ~$35

Looking almost the same in the glass, maybe slightly darker and warmer this is a great looking spirit.

The smell is a bit more fruitier than the original and citrus notes shine through.

The flavor is notably hoppy and that brings with it the citrus notes one would get with an IPA. A bit of spice and little to no heat. This Frankenstien of whiskey is a fun idea and if you like IPA then give it a shot. It is a creative idea and a fun one at that. As good as it may be, as a long time lover of Jemesons, I think I will stick to the original! Next time we look at the Stout.


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