Cheap stick shootout – Sosa Cigars vs. Royal Estates. Battle of the churchills

High up on the butte outside of town there is an encampment of wild eyed bandidos. The Sosa gang is planning a raid on cigar town.

Can they over throw the local law enforcement? These are restless times with a shortage of whiskey and the townspeople upset with the tobacco Beatles that destroyed thier crops, the new Sherrif is thier only hope!

Today’s Cheap stick shootout is between Sosa Cigars and Royal estates. Both Churchill will face each other down in a duel to the death.

Sosa Cigars

With a rich history and a 100 year old tradition of producing fine cigars, Antillian cigar company, has expertly produced fine cigars in the old world tradition.

Sosa, now the property of A.J. Fernandez has made an extremely smooth and full flavored cigar.

Royal Estates

Hailing from Nicaragua these handmade beauties come in a oily Habano wrapper. Premium aged nicaraguan longfillers. These bad boys are a great budget stick that are sure to please.

Shootout Rules

There will be 4 On The Money members judging today. Each member will have one cigar. The battle rules are as follows:

There will be 4 categories and scoring is based on a 5 point scale.

  1. Construction
  2. Unlit draw
  3. Taste
  4. Burn

The Shootout


These guys are rolled perfectly. Nice caps. Barely viable seams and minimal veins. 4/5

Unlit draw brings a hay and barnyard flavor through a very easy pull. 4/5

With a creamy and smooth smoke this cigar delivered cocoa and coffee notes that impressed all of us. 4/5

The burn wasn’t razor sharp but it did burn evenly and held its ash well. The first third was entirely ash and dropped in the 2nd third. Not very complex but consistently delicous. 4/5

Score 16/20

Royal Estates

Also having great construction, these cigars showed minimal veins no soft spots and tight seams. Great double caps. 4/5

The unlit draw was a little tighter yet have a great chocolate and earth taste. 3/5

The flavor profile started out with mild flavors of cocoa and developed into a more spicy, peppery texture. 4/5

The burn was consistent but one of them had to be touched up a couple times. 3/5

Score 14/20

Our winner here today is the Sosa. Both are great sticks and sure to please but the Sosa was a clear winner

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