Macanudo Maduro – Ascot Mini’s.

Macanudo has been a staple cigar for many aficianado’s. Being a cigar from a great cigar company. They have a wide range of light to full strength, and body cigars, including the maduro mini Ascots. Coming in a Tin of ten individually wrapped cigars, these tasty little sticks are sure to please. In the busy daily grind of the weekday they are the perfect option when you don’t have time to spend on a larger cigar.

No two cigars in the tin were the same shade of brown. They all look great, and the color difference didn’t seem to effect the flavor. It has a sweet hay and tobacco scent.

The ascot has a nice little cap witch comes off easily. A nice firm pack with visable seams. The wrapper on this particular cigar is a nice dark chocolate Maduro. A very smooth earthy and chocolaty smoke lasting for about twenty minutes. Great along side a cup of strong coffee.


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