San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Which Bourbons were named champions?

When it comes to tasting whisk(e)y, only you, can say what tastes best. It would seem, that the competition results can only be as good as the judges palate and wether or not they taste all the wonderful notes and flavors the same way you do.

Well, speaking of judges, for the last 18 years The World Spirits Competition has forty of them annualy. They are all highly respectable professionals in the spirits industry. This has earned the influetial, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a large amount of respect and a highly esteemed reputation. They are all judging blind and never knowing what they are judging, other than a category, spirit type and proof.

As far as the bourbon section of the competition goes, there is one distillery that has stolen the show. Heaven Hill Distillery earned a couple well deserved titles in 2018.

2018 world best bourbon winner is Henry McKenna 10 by Heaven Hill.

Notes to have a wonderful pie crust note along with caramel and vanilla flavors, this powerful hundred proofer stole the show.

Elijah Craig Small Batch is runner up in the best bourbon category.

Also owned by Heaven Hill the runner up and winner of last year’s award has been bested by his brother Henry. Still a great bourbon, with spicy notes of cinnamon this bourbon deserves its rightful place next to Henry.

Heaven Hill has definitly caught my attention this year with these two award winning bourbon’s. I can only hope that the great price point on both of these winners stays where it is!


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