Cheapstick Shootout – HC Maduro Black Vs. Gurkha Regent

There is a tall empty pine box leaning up against a post on the front of the undertakers building. It was just put there. The last one was filled last week after a shootout in the saloon.

At the far end of town stands one man hellbent on anger and fueled by whiskey. From his mouth hangs a HC Maduro Black.

At the other end of town, the man in black stands silently puffing on his Gurkha regent. He had stalked the gunslinger across two counties and finally caught up with him in Stogie town. He knew he finally had him!

Today’s Cheapstick Shootout involves two great cigars. The HC Black Maduro and The Gurkha Regent. Both are Robustos and very good cigars.

HC Maduro Black:

The HC is loaded with a very rich blend of long fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It’s wrapped up in a dark chocolate and extra smooth Connecticut grown, Havana wrapper.

Gurkha Regent:

This dark chocolate colored and very smooth Honduran cigar, has a gorgeous, dark glove-leather like Habano wrapper. Underneath, lies Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers blended just right, as to perfectly compliment one another.

It will be a tough call, both of these are great cigars!

Shootout rules.

There will be 4 On The Money members judging today. Each member will have one cigar. The battle rules are as follows:

There will be 4 categories and scoring is based on a 5 point scale.

  1. Construction
  2. Unlit draw
  3. Taste
  4. Burn

The shootout:

HC Maduro:

The construction on these cigars were both flawless. Well packed and rolled up with tight viable seams. No soft spots. No cracks. A nice double cap earning them a construction score of 4/5.

The unlit draw was a medium pull with notes of cocoa and a himt of nuts. 4/5

The flavors of this stick started out with chocolate and nuts and slowly progressed into more of a rich coffee flavor. This is a medium to full bodied cigar. By the final third a wood flavor shined through. 4/5

Burn was razor sharp and headed no assistance from the torch. A smooth flavorful burn from the beginning all the way to the nub! 4/5

Score 16/20

Gurkha Regent:

Construction on this box press was also flawless. No soft spots or cracks minimal veins and right seams. 4/5

The unlit draw was tobacco and forest floor. Also a little bit of nuttienes to this stick as well. A nice easy pull almost perfect! 4/5

Flavor profile of this medium bodied cigar was that of nuts and coffee. Some grassy wood flavors were present as well. 4/5

Burn was slightly wonky had to touch it up a couple times but was still a great smoke. The touch up drops it’s 4 down to a 3/5.

Score 15/20

Overall they are both great sticks but the winner here today by only one point is the HC Black Maduro!

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