Whats in your pipe? Macanudo Pipe tobacco.

Whats in your pipe? This week we sample a tin of tobacco from Macanudo, Montego y Cia. The America blend. Made In the United States of America by Scandanavian Tobacco Group, Lane Limited.

Coming in a one and three quarter ounce tin, this aromatic tobacco is a blend of premium Virginia’s and Cavendishes with a note of vanilla.

The Vanilla is ever so present upon opening the can. It smells good enough to eat! A good vacuum seal makes it a bit hard to open but on doing so, a sucking in of air proves just how well this was packaged.

Good moisture content, could use a bit of aging, but we tried it upon opening. First off, it is like any aromatic, displaying a great room note. The Virginia and Cavendishes are mellow and easy to smoke. Barely any tongue bite, even on the heavy puffs.

A nice slow burning tobacco with a rich vanilla flavor, through the first and second third of the bowl. Once you get down to the bottom it disapears.

For the eight bucks I paid for it, I would recommend this aromatic to a friend!


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