Cohiba Red Dot

Back with another “On The Money” review. This weeks cigar of choice is the Cohiba Red Dot. Cohiba Red Dot uses only the finest tobaccos and the best crafters when producing these cigars.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, this is a brother to Fidel Castro’s strictly regulated Cuban Cohiba. It is the only cigar with that brand name legally sold in the United States. With a rich, medium body, today’s cigar has a strong reputation to compete with. Floating in, right around thirteen dollars a stick, this cigar is a good alternative to his pricey sibling.

Get your next box from Mike!

This 5 x 49 Robusto is wrapped up in a West African Camaroon wrapper. It is a good choice alongside a peaty glass of Scotch. With a very dry and earthy flavor, this peppery stick will leave you with a drier mouthfeel. That being said, the sweet and Smoky peat flavors of the Highland Park make a great compliment to this earthy and almost, barnyard flavored cigar.


This particular stick was constructed very well. It has a lumpy appearance due to the handmade nature of the beast. Slight toothiness on the wrapper with tight barely visable seams and a good double cap.

The unlit draw brings a strong note of that grassy barnyard flavor. The easy pull will make for a good and thick smoke ouput.

The first third stayed smooth and held an ash for most of the way through, falling off in a nice chunk in the second third. The flavor profile remains consistent and smooth.

The final third held its ash for the remainder of its life, making for a nice cool smoke. I smoked this guy all the way down to my fingers!

Overall I think this is a great cigar. Some don’t like them and some love them. I for one, found it to be a pleasurable and relaxing smoke. Maybe it was the pairing with a wonderful whisky!


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