Cheap Stick Shootout! – Argyle vs. Don lino

On The Money is back again with another cheapstick shootout! Only this time the fate of an entire town rests in the hands of the winner.

Battle of the Fumas. Fumas are generally considered a cigar that the “bunchero”, or person who hand rolls the cigar, is permitted to bring home with him. These cigars are made from the same premium aged and fermented tobacco you would find in a whole leaf cigar, only it is made from the scraps. Also known as a sandwich cigar, they are much more affordable and still offer the same great flavors as thier higher priced counterpart.

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Meanwhile over in cigar town, standing by the bar, is a lone and weary gunslinger. Strung out by the trail, thirsty and bitter. Having lost his horse to bandits and the only woman he ever loved, abducted by indians.

He goes by the name of Lino, Don Lino. A man hellbent on getting even and reclaiming what is rightfully his!

No sooner does he take a sip of his whiskey, when in walks Sherriff Argyle and his deputies.

“The Sherriff” Argyle Fumas.

This handrolled boutique cigar is made from Dominican tobaccos, and are rolled up in a silky smooth Sumatran wrapper. This is a mild to medium bodied cigar.

“The Gunslinger” Don Lino Fumas.

From Miami cigar maker La Aurora and Tatiana comes the Don Lino cigar. It is made from an aged Connecticut wrapper, as well as Dominican binder and filler. You could describe the Don Lino as being a mild and smooth smoke.

Shootout rules.

There will be 4 On The Money members judging today. Each member will have one cigar. The battle rules are as follows:

There will be 4 categories and scoring is based on a 5 point scale.

  1. Construction
  2. Unlit draw
  3. Taste
  4. Burn
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The Shootout:

Argyle fumas:

At first appearance the cigar has slightly toothy feel to the dry wrapper. The seams on one of them isn’t as tight as we would have liked to see it. The double caps are both well constructed. Minimal veins and no soft spots. A bit worried about the seams. 3/5

After clipping, the unlit draw brought sweet and woody notes. A nice easy pull would suggest a great burn. 4/5

First light greets you with the soft sweet flavor of cedar or wood. A cardboard flavor. Nothing too complex. By the midway point we agreed that the stick became a little more mild to medium bodied. 3/5

The burn on one, was very inconsistent and wonky, requiring multiple touchups, making it burn much faster than the other. 2/5

Score: 12/20

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Don Lino:

Very good construction showing tight visable seams and a good double cap. No soft spots. Minimal veins and a very smooth glovelike leathery wrapper. 4/5

The unlit draw is medium to easy, bringing a nutty, earthy flavor, along with a woody note. 3/5

The flavor profile of this cigar has a creamy cocoa note. We agree that there is a strong woody note as well. This creamy, medium bodied cigar delivers great smoke output. 4/5

Both cigars burned razor sharp. No splitting or cracking. A nice sheen came out about halfway through the burn. They Stayed smooth and creamy all the way to the nub. Scoring this stick a 4/5.

Score 15/20

Our clear winner here is “The gunslinger”, Don lino, coming in with a fifteen out of twenty. Both cigars are value cigars and can be bought in bundles of twenty, for around $20.00. For that price, I put them in the “major, big bang for your buck”, catagory!
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    1. Thanks for reading Mark. We get ours from Holts Cigar Co. They are hard to get as they are usually sold out but at a buck a stick you will find it worth the wait if they are backordered!


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