Henry McKenna 10

Here we go with another budget Whisk(e)y Review! Call me crazy but ya gotta get excited, when you find an affordable Bourbon, that actually tastes good!

Good enough to drink straight up and neat. Not only that, but ya dont feel too terribly bad mixing it when “that guy” comes over and wants to bastardize his drink, with a ton of ice or God forbid, Ginger Ale!

I was lucky to be at the local suppliers as they were stocking the shelves with this bottle of Henry McKenna 10 year old Bourbon. They got me for $30.00, and that is fine, simply because this 100 proof bourbon really is quite smooth for the 50% alcohol by volume. Add a few drops of water and you have a tasty and affordable dram of 10 year old whiskey.

Bottled in bond, this Bourbon is one of America’s few, federal government supervised bottlings.

The line was named after Henry McKenna, an Irishmen who imigrated to the country in the late 1800’s. This Amber colored single barrel has a sweet yet spicey profile.


75% Corn

13% Rye

12% Malted Barley


Hints of Vanilla, leather, and caramel as one would expect to find from and oak barreling. Slight floral notes but nothing complex.


The same old blah blah blah. Vanilla and Oak compliment the spicy backdrop of the rye. Search enough and you may trick yourself into tasting the barley.


A bit of burn yet not overwhelming for a 100 proofer. The finish is medium in length and leaves a very slight oil feel in the mouth. A floraly oak breeze washes over the tastebuds.

A bit of water changes the dram significantly. Smooths out the heat of the alcohol and offers a visceral change in the complexity of the bourbon. This, I highly recommend.

Overall, I feel this whiskey falls into the “bang for your buck” category and is neither great, nor is it bad. Having a good looking bottle and an age statement, which is far and few between these days. It’s simply put, a good whiskey that would be great in a Manhattan, or sipping neat with a great cigar!


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