Mocha Merlin by Firestone Walker – Coffee Infused Oatmeal Stout

I drank a good beer today. The weather in upstate New York was actually warm for one day and I was able to sit on my deck and enjoy a cigar without rushing it to get back inside.

Normally when smoking a cigar, I like a coffee or a whiskey with it. Today however I’m getting a two fer.

Today’s beer of choice is the Mocha Merlin by Firestone Walker. It’s an Oatmeal Stout infused with coffee. I am enjoying it with an Alec Bradley American Sungrown Robusto Cigar.

On the pour this beer is very dark and has little head, which dissipated rather quickly. With an extremely low carbonation, a couple swirls in the glass will bring the head back to life and actually build it back up

Firstly I would like to say that I was skeptical. “Beer that tastes like coffee?” Yea it’s great! Its creamy texture and linguring coffee flavor Pairs very well with a medium to full bodied cigar!

The Alec Bradley has a lot of pepper in the beginning. That peppery bite was toned down greatly by the silky texture of the stout.

Notes of coffee and chocolate abound and make for a delicious experience. The 5.5% alcohol content is barely noticeable. It is a heavy beer and sits in the stomach for a while. For me that’s okay. I’m not here to guzzle the whole six pack down.

If you are looking for a cigar and beer pairing than give this one a try! Let me know what you think.


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