Alec Bradley – American Sungrown Robusto Review

Another perfectly blended hit from Alan Rubin, master blender. This little beauty of a cigar is the younger brother, to the Classic American, Alec Bradley Cigar.

The 5 x 50 sungrown “Puro” is constructed of all Nicaraguan filler and binder. It is wrapped up in a delicious, sun grown and well aged Habano, tobacco leaf from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua. This region produces a much darker sun grown tobacco than other parts of the world, creating a more full bodied and richer smoking experiance.

A very special thanks to Wayne Seargent from Knoxville Tennesee for mailing this stick in for us to review.


What a great looking cigar! A nice oily sheen on the dark wrapper, makes the well designed and colorful label pop out visually to the consumer. This goes to show just how much appearance is important in this industry.

This cigar is well constructed with tight seams, no soft spots and a good cap. Having a sungrown wrapper I’m surprised as to how minimal the veins are.

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The unlit draw brought an an earthy barnyard note. A nice medium pull through a well crafted cigar.

1st third:

After cutting and toasting, the cigar lit well and burned razor sharp, for the first inch and a half before the first chunk of ash dropped. It left behind a nice cone shaped cherry. Flavors of pepper and spice hit very hard upfront. But smooth out after about fifteen minutes.

2nd third:

The second third opens up a creamer, earthy and cocoa spice, which flows through a medium bodied smoke. The sharp peppery note, is now softened to a cleaner and smoother woody flavor. Hints of dried fruit start coming through with every puff.

Final 3rd:

The creamy cocoa is the high point of flavor in this cigar now and has remained steadfast throughout the final third of the cigar. The nicotine kicks in here giving a pretty solid buzz. Now hot and getting soft this cee-gar gets retired to an ashy grave.


This medium bodied and medium to full strength cigar is a great choice for six dollars. I enjoyed mine with a couple of espresso infused beers, of which it paired extremely well.


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