Garage Taco Bar

You won’t hear the sound of ratcheting air tools or humming compressors in this garage! What you will hear, is upbeat music and the background chatter of a young and eccentric staff of servers, laughing and conversing with one another as they go about thier chores. You won’t recieve an oil change or get a flat tire fixed but rest assured, you will get fueled up on great tasting tacos!

With both bay doors open on a sunny day, you can be sure that the bustling, downtown, urban environment will find it’s way in to you, making a great setting for your lunch or evening drinks.

The menu isn’t large enough to make your choice of food overwhelming. This quality is something I appreciate and look for when eating out.

We arrived a bit early for lunch, probably catching them off guard. Even so, Our waiter David, didn’t hesitate to keep a close eye on us. He asked if we had any question’s about the menu and was willing to give his opinion on what was good.

Carnitas Tacos with rice and beans.

He offered up his reccomendation of what he thought we would like. So following his guidance, I ordered the Carnitas Tacos. Alongside them, I also wanted thier version of street corn.

The Tacos came out quickly and they looked great! Served up in a corn tortilla, they provided just the right amount of meat to topping. The sweet pineapple worked well with the salty pork and Pico De Gallo. A well placed bunch of juliene style raddish, provided a welcoming crunch along with a peppery bite.

Natural Expression’s Landscaping. Binghamton’s premiere Landscape and Tree Company.

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The street corn was creamy and delicous. I would have liked the poblano to be a little less charred, however it was still great.

David, happily kept after us making sure our meal was up to the Garage’s standards and It was! Thank you David and Garage Taco for providing a great meal and atmosphere.

If your looking for a good lunch spot, and tacos are what your craving, then come on down to the Garage Taco Bar at 211 Washington Street in Binghamton NY.

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