Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review

With a collection of local and international awards and accolades, Buffalo Trace claims to be “The worlds most award-winning distillery”.  After making whiskey for more than two hundred years, in 2013 they were added to the list of distilleries regarded as a National Historic Landmark.  In tribute to the mighty buffalo that the early pioneers of America followed, they created their signature whiskey, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


Years ago, i was sitting by a campfire on the shoreline of Oneida Lake at New York’s Verona Beach State Park. I popped the cork off my very first bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  I can tell you this, I fell in love with its spicy, yet smooth vanilla sweetness. Every dram i enjoy today, takes me back to that night and the memories of my family, enjoying the natural setting we were in. Thank you Buffalo Trace!


A.B.V 45%

Mash bill – 85% Corn, 10% Rye, and 5% Malted Barley.

No age statement, yet some would estimate between 7 and 10 years old.


The Dram poured has a beautiful dark amber color. Medium legs suggestive of the corn’s  added sugar content.


A prominent smell of honey and oak.


A sweet molasses like sugar flavor up front, followed by a pleasant honey note. A burnt sugar or Creme Brulee flavor washes in on the back end. Vanilla notes accompany the sugar directly influenced by to the use of oak casks.


An oily mouthfeel left on the tongue with a fast fading sugary sweetness that invites another sip.



A few drops of water softens the alcohol bite of this ninety proofer and brings forward the vanilla and oak notes, making this already smooth whiskey, that much more smooth! If you are near a campfire with a bag of marshmallows, i can promise you this, they are an excellent pairing toasted, with this classic go to whiskey!

This Bourbon is 100% “On The Money!”






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