Ave Maria Crusader

Its time for dessert! and when i have dessert, its usually with a cup of coffee followed up with a great cigar. Today however I am having some old V.S.O.P. that I have had kicking around for awhile. Its been mellowing out in an old glass decanter and looked so great, I thought it would make a great photo opportunity and review. My stick of choice today is the Ave Maria Crusader.


Ave Maria Crusader 5 x 52

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Habana Sun Grown

Fillers and Binder: Honduras and Nicaragua

Medium Body and Smooth.



Flawless construction with a nice, tightly seamed wrap. Minimal veins and soft spots and A nice double cap. Easy draw on this stick produces great smoke output.

The unlit draw:

A mild to medium draw with a very creamy and earthy, cocoa flavor.

1st Third:

this was a Mild to medium smoke, having extremely earthy notes of dark chocolate and coffee bean. This Dessert Cigar produces a creamy and delicious flavor and aroma. This falls into my very easy to smoke, and quite enjoyable category.

2nd third:

Right around Thirty Minutes in, a nice chunk of an ash fell. It lasted to about two inches. This cigar developed into a thicker, and creamier smoke with great body. Still getting all those deep earthy cocoa notes.


Final third:

With a great ash hold it remained cool to smoke all the way to the nub. Not a straight, razor sharp burn, but stayed true, with no need for a touch up. The sweet Brandy was enveloped in its flavors, with all those coffee and chocolate notes one would expect in a dessert cigar.


This is a great cigar. It paired very well with the sweetness of my brandy and is, in my opinion, how a great dessert cigar should be. Especially after a big Easter dinner! Smooth, medium bodied and having excellent smoke output. I lucked out with a flawlessly constructed cigar. Perfect holiday experience!


Happy Easter!


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