Speyburn 10 year, Scotch Whisky

We had a great time last night sitting in the lounge laughing and talking about days gone by. We always enjoy listening to the Retro Cocktail Hour on the radio and enjoying a few drams of quality whisk(e)y with a nice cigar. Last nights drink of choice was the Spey river valley’s very own, Speyburn 10.


Competition between distillers in the Speyside region of Scotland runs deep. In fact over fifty percent of the nations whisky comes from this area. Its no wonder that even the smaller distillers can still produce a good whisky. With stiff competition, they have to produce a great scotch in order to remain in business. Speyburn’s ten year old, Highland single malt, is surviving this cram packed market of big name brands such as Glenfiddich and of course one of my personal favorites, The Glenlivet.

Built along the Granty Burn, a small tributary of the river Spey, sits Speyburn Distillery. Known for having Beautiful buildings that may house one of the oldest distilleries in the nation. This is the only distillery on the Granty Burn. The river Spey and its tributaries are what make the Speyside whiskies so unique and share a similar flavor profile.


Speyside is well known for producing floral fruity notes in its whiskies. A delicate scotch without the strong smokey “peatiness” that one thinks of when discussing Scotch.

Speyburn 10

Cask: ex Bourbon and Sherry.

A.B.V. is 43%

100% Malted Barley

Price $29.00


Eyes: Light Amber in color, Average sized legs.

Nose: Floral, honey, grass. Crisp and Fruity.

Palate: Again, this has a bright fruitiness in the front-end followed up by a smooth caramel and a light “peatiness” on the back-end. A bit of a citrus note creates a nice acidity. That note doesn’t last long though leaving you with a lingering vanilla note. Having an almost oily texture with no burn, this a very easy whisky to drink. I was pleasantly surprised.

Finish: No complexity to a fast fading finish. I didn’t have enough time to break it down. just a nice vanilla or caramel, resting on the tongue.

Overall: This Medium bodied scotch is a smooth drinker with an exceptionally low price point. I think that the low price, makes some of the whisky snobs out there underrate this whisky and classify it as a mixer. I personally will never mix a single malt. It isn’t the most complex whisky, yet it is on the fine line of being a sipping whisky. This everyday whisky is easy to drink, tasty and affordable on the wallet therefore making it an “On The Money” contender and will always be a part of the “On The Money” collection.

~ Bryan


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