Cheap Stick Shootout! Argyle vs. Villager

Like many of you out there in cigar land, I cringe at some of the prices of these cigars! They may be delicious, creamy, full bodied or whatever we aficionados Like to call them. The one thing we don’t call them often enough, is damn expensive!

There are however some options out there that are still good! Here at On The Money Magazine, you can read our monthly “Cheap Stick Shootout”. A side by side comparison of more affordable cigars that still have enough bang for thier buck to qualify as an everyday smoke.

Today’s Cheap Stick Shootout is a great battle between two very worthy opponents.

Argyle Robusto Maduro.

Coming in at 5 x 50 is the Argyle Robusto Maduro. There are many die-hard fans out there praising Argyle’s handcrafted Dominican profiles. Can this Maduro beat out it’s competition and bare the title of this weeks Cheap Stick Shootout Champion?

Villager 1888 Fuerte.

In the opposite corner coming in at 5 x 56 this Toro by Villager Cigar is a cheap stick that is also sure to please. Not only the wallet, but also the mouth will be happy! Dominican and Peruvian filler rolled up in a San Andres Wrappers. Does this stick have what it takes to knock out it’s competition ?

Shootout rules.

There will be 4 On The Money members judging today. The battle rules are as follows.

There will be 4 catagories.

  1. Construction
  2. Unlit draw
  3. Taste
  4. Burn

Scoring is based on a 5 point scale.

The Shootout.

Villager 1888 Fuerte.

Construction is nice but not perfect. With tight seams and minimal veins. Slight toothiness. The cap was a little wonky but fine. Score: 3/5

Unlit draw was medium flow and showed a woody earthy coffee note. A strong tobacco flavor scored this a 3/5

Tasting the cigar we found that it had a subtle change in flavor throughout the smoke. Starting out with a musty hay flavor, it progressed into more of a cocoa and woody flavor with a bit of pepper. Not harsh nor was it overly smooth either. 3/5

It burned fairly even and didn’t have a need for touchup. First ash dropped at about an inch. Scored a 4/5

Total Score 13/20

Argyle Robusto Maduro

Construction showed a tight visable seams. Minimal veins and a smooth, leather, glovelike softness to the wrapper. Good double cap. Had a Slight sheen scoring this a 4/5

Unlit draw was a little tight revealed a great cocoa and coffee flavor. 4/5

Tasting notes were of nuts, coffee beans, cocoa and cedar. Slightly peppery. There was a minimal change in flavor but it did improve as it progressed. A smooth smoke with great flavor. 4/5

Burn was very even and didn’t need any touch up. Burned cool with a nice smoke output. This cigar held its ash for the majority of it burn which was impressive. 5/5

Total Score 17/20

Winner: The Argyle!

We all enjoyed the Argyle and the Villager. But the Argyle score a 17 to the Villagers 13.

Both cigars pack a good bang for the buck but in our opinion the Argyle would be the better pick today!

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