“What’s in your pipe?” Borkum Riff – Bourbon infused Tobacco

In the world of pipe tobacco, Borkum Riff has been a top brand for the enthusiast. I can remember when I was a young boy, the sweet smell of it billowing from my father’s pipe.

He used to sit out on our front porch swing and puff away. Of course I didn’t understand what it was for a man to work hard all day and have a pipe before or after diner.

When your a kid, the word “relax” isn’t a part of your vocabulary. It was just a word that mom or dad said to you when you were having too much fun!

Well either way, relaxing and having a smoke, go hand in hand. Borkum Riff has been around long enough, that any seasoned smoker has tried it.

The Scandanavian Tobacco Company has changed the blend a couple of times. Today it states, the Bourbon Whiskey recipe, consists of 35% black cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Philippines mixed with 65% Virginia from Brazil and Africa. And as a final compliment, an aged 8 year genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is added.

For me this aromatic pipe tobacco smokes best from a clean pipe. Classified as a “Drugstore” tobacco this is best suited for a novice smoker that is unfamiliar with indevidual tobacco flavors. It can be a bit harsh. Too big of a puff and you will get a harsh tongue bite. Take small puffs and the bite go’s away, however you will have to relight often.

I get a lot of leathery notes. As far as the aroma, it smells great. The Virginia stands out but the true player here is the Black Cavendish.

I do not taste the Bourbon, but that is ok, simply because I will probably be enjoying a glass of Elijah 12 with it anyway.

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