Elijah Craig Small Batch, The Legend or The Myth!

Anyone who has had Elijah Craig’s small batch twelve year, knows just how great this bourbon is.

Elijah Craig claims to be the greatest bourbon ever made. Named after Reverend Elijah Craig, who happened to be a moonshiner. Apparently there was a fire which burnt some of his barrells. Still holding whiskey, he aged his batch in them anyway. Low and behold, Kentucky Bourbon.

Not sure I believe that, but it’s an interesting story. That’s just my short version of it.

So after this miraculous finding, the use of charred barrells, continues on in tradition today.

So is is it a good whiskey?

It is a damn good whiskey!

Something is different though. What has changed? Obviously the bottle is thinner and has a new label with no age statement. A classy new look to a rugged line of tried and true whiskey.

Elijah states that it is between eight and twelve years old. This suggests that they have added more barrels to thier “Small Batch”. Their one hundred barrel batch, seems to have grown to two hundred.

Is Heaven Hill Distillery keeping up with the demand on this great bourbon?

Can the new Small Batch compete with the glory of its predecessor? We find out tonite!


Mashbill: 75% corn 13% rye 12% malted barley.

A.B.V. 47%

No age statement



The dram is dark caramel with a reddish tint.


Sweet smelling, dried fruit, and caramel.


Smooth and sweet, as a good bourbon should be. A nice woody oak note, and a touch of leather. Caramel and vanilla notes wash over the tongue. Hardly any heat at all!


Take your time with this bourbon. Let it linger. It is an easy drinker and will disappear fast. Having a nice long finish, you’ll want to try and savor it.


It’s not as good as the twelve year but why would it be? The batch is thinning and will continue to do so. Overall it’s still a great whiskey and there is no reason to deny it a place, high on the shelf, next to its twelve year old brother!


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