Cohiba Siglo VI Tube

Finally! Without further ado, I have gotten my hands on a Siglo! I am super excited as I have wanted to review one of these for a long time.

Thanks to Obama, back in 2016, for allowing us to be able to bring these and rum, back to the USA. If you travel to a country where these are sold you may bring them home!

Of course I am stuck in upstate NY for the winter, running my business. I do not have any travel plans, especially with the recent snow storms.

The silver lining to this story is my pal Enzo, (“THE magnificent Bastard”). Who has nothing holding him back and is bouncing from port to port this winter. Thank you Enzo!

Time to take a bite out of the “Forbidden Fruit”! I will be enjoying mine with a glass of Havana Club Gran Reserva 15, also compliments of “His Magnificence”!

Here’s my review.


6 x 52

All Cuban filler, binder, and wrapper


Tight, barely visable seams, minimal veins, and a medium to firm pack. A nice almost dull sheen to the wrapper and a good double cap. An earthy, barnyard or hay smell.

Unlit draw:

Decent airflow and a nice nutty flavor.

First third:

First puffs reflect a medium smoke ouput and immediately hits upfront with creamy notes of spice and pepper. Look out pepper bomb! Probably should’ve spent some time in my humidor to moisten it up a bit but I couldn’t hold off.

Second third:

A consistent smoke with no change In flavor. Ash held for the entire first third, then dropped. Notes of coffee and cocoa. Nice even burn with no need to touch it up. Not the most complex cigar but it is very good.

Final third:

After about an hour and ten minutes, the Flavor changed a bit, due mainly to the strength of this bad boy. Pepper is fading, creaminess is gone. You will get a buzz from this stick! Smoke output stayed thick. It is now too hot for me and I’m done.

Overall for my first true Cuban experience, I have enjoyed it and will have another should the time come.

If you have a chance to try one, let me know what you think!


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