“What’s your favorite whisk(e)y?”

Have you ever been asked this and really didn’t know what to say? I was asked the other day by a friend, “What’s your favorite whiskey?”

I immediately responded, “all of them!” I didn’t hesitate, just said it. The truth is, they aren’t all my favorites.

The question stuck with me for a few hours and so did my answer. I’m bothered that I said all of them in a knee jerk response. So after thinking about it more, I decided that I needed to start thinking more about “what is my favorite?” Could I even have one?

I don’t see any possible way to come up with an easy answer. So I ask you, what is your favorite whiskey? Please leave a comment below.

Here is my answers as short and sweet as I can give it!

Am I crazy that I have to ask myself questions and give myself answers to narrow down so many choices? In the world of whiskies there are, sooo many choices! Where does one begin?


Bourbon was my starting point and A great place to start at that. Bourbon owes its greatness to the corn from whence it came! It shines through with each and every sip. When it comes to bourbon, I have many that I enjoy and a few that I love.

Michters 10 year is top of my list for bourbon’s that i love, It is a high rye bourbon. Michters 10 is spicy and sweet and shows alot of great characters through its aging. This makes for a truly great sipping whiskey. I do add a few drops of water to the glass to mellow the 47% ABV down.

Runner up is Buffalo Trace Bourbon which is a tad easier on the wallet and packs a nice range of flavors. This one I keep stocked on the shelf.

Then there is Evan. Evan Williams is a good, thrifty bourbon. In my opinion the price cannot be beat for the quality.

This affordable whiskey is always available for mixing Manhatten’s, when we have company. Not to mention It does great in recipes. I recently made a great reduction and glaze for a Wild caught Sockeye Salmon dinner. You can find the video here in the blog, under recipes. If you like salmon, this is a great dish. Evan, is still quite good to drink neat, with a few drops of water. They have been around awhile, and Evan Williams has defiantly claimed to be the first real Kentucky Bourbon!


Moving on to Rye. Rye whiskey has a much more “spicey” profile than that of bourbon. I’m stuck on two, Bulliet and Redemption Rye. I enjoyed this particular Rye the other night with a charcuterie and cheese board, with Calamata olives and roasted pepper. It paired so well, that it may become a new “thing” in my home on occasion, before or after dinner. This too can be softened with a few drops of water.

Irish Whiskey.

Everyone loves Jameson and for good reason, its delicous. Did you ever try Jamesons brother, Powers? Both made at the Middleton distillery, however Jameson was marketed at a much higher rate than its lesser known counterpart. Powers is a great Irish whiskey! With notes of caramel, spice, and Creme Brulee, This is my go to Irish whiskey, as it is for many irishmen. On certain occasions however, like today, the fifty first annual Parade Day in Binghamton NY. I picked up a bottle hailing from”The Oldest licensed distillery in Ireland.”

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey. What can I say, with a 40% ABV this mellow whiskey, went great with our Irish meal today! Even still I have to lean on Powers as the winner. Close runner up is Tullamore Dew and Tyrconnell single malt (a young almost buttery single).


Oh boy! Here we go, on to the subject I’m sure that you all have been waiting to read. Scotland has single handedly, become responsible, for the title of “The Gentleman’s Drink”. More expensive and having more variety for a type of whiskey, than most others. We start by saying single malt is the way to go. Not that there aren’t good blends out there. I really enjoy Monkey Shoulder for a great blend!

All depending upon which region it comes from, determines how it looks, smells, and tastes. The first time I had smelled and tasted a “peaty” Scotch I turned my nose away. Now today, I can truly say that I prefer a dram of Scotch to all others. Whether it be a Smokey peated scotch like Laphroig, or a more mild, floral whisky such as The Glenlivet 12.

Both very good Whisky’s. There is however a nice middle ground to be found on a small island off the northern coast of Scotland. The island of Orkney. This is home to Highland Park distillery and is by far a favorite of mine! Not to Smokey, just right. Highland Park 12 is a whisky that, as much as I enjoy it, I hate to see it go!

Well there you have it, not really an answer to the question, but it is the best I can do!

What’s your favorite dram of whisk(e)y?


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