Pinkie’s BBQ

Traveling down upper Front Street in Binghamton, I decided to pull into a fairly new BBQ joint for dinner. Pinkie’s BBQ had moved into a former Mexican restaurant which had been vacant for a while.

They did a fair amount of work to the building itself and I have to say It’s quite an improvement.

A creative picture of thier mascot Pinkie, a somewhat angry looking pig, adorns the front of the building. Maybe he lost a brother to the pit along the way and is harboring a little resentment. Either way a pig is synonymous to the bbq industry and a great choice for a logo.

Inside the restaurant, the smell of smoked meat hits you like a train. This is a good sign! There was a complete overhaul inside too. The place looks great. There is wall hangings all relating to bbq, decorating the small dining area.

There were a few other dinners seated in an earily quiet space. It was early so I didnt expect too many dinners. I couldn’t help notice that the food the patrons had, was mainly sandwiches. That’s not what I was here for though. As an avid smoker and bbq enthusiast, I know my way around the pit and look forward to sampling thier meats.

You don’t get seated, there was no wait staff, it seems to be a small family run spot. You order at the register in an almost deli like fashion and you take your tray and baskets to your seat to enjoy it. There was a sign stating that they cater as well.

I ordered the sampler platter which came with two sides. I got coleslaw and collard greens. I didn’t see beans on the menu or I would’ve gotten them instead of the greens. I also ordered a side of mac n cheese.

On The way to your seat, you can hit the condiment section, which is home to an array of house made sauces. I chose the Sweet Mustard, the Carolina and the Pinkie’s Original bbq sauces.

I chose a big open booth with a rather large painting of a cow hanging in it. The booth was comfy and the lighting was good. I didnt mind sharing it with “Bessie” the cow.

My sampler platter was dished up in a basket and it consisted of three ribs, a portion of pulled pork, and three slices of beef brisket.

Alongside it was a piece of cornbread topped with pinkie butter (molded into a pig’s head). Cute, but I definitely didn’t need that much.

The ribs were lightly seasoned and had a good smoke put on them. Good penetration and a nice pink smoke color to the meat. They weren’t slathered with too much sauce like you’d find in most places. The rib meat fell off the bone as it should have.

The pulled pork had small bits of bark in it which I loved. This also had a pink coloring from the smoke. The pork was delivered with no sauce, just the way I like it. I would have liked a little dry rub to shake on it, but I may have overlooked it at the condiment section.

The brisket was sliced right and was extremely tender and juicy. Pulling at both ends, the bits of meat separated perfectly. It too had a nice bark on it. I tried all of the sauces and decided the original to be my personal favorite. I do not like thick sauce and theirs were thin, just the way I like it.

The coleslaw was nothing special, sweet and “vinegary”. The greens were ok. I didnt care for the mac n cheese.

The meats are definitly the big reason I came and all three were just great. Overall it was a pleasant experiance, but if I had to make a suggestion, it would be to play some music!

The Brisket was the star of the show today, it was delicious. If and when I go back, it will be for more brisket. It had an almost pot roast flavor, which was surprising. It was “On The Money!”

If your ever travelling down upper front street and your looking for some bbq, give them a try! Let me know how your experience went, and if you have any places you would like to recommend please leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks Pinkie!


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