Redemption Rye

It was another exciting nite here with the folks at “On The Money!”

We started out our nite with perfectly seared, bacon wrapped filets, and they were delicious. Keeping them company on the plate were an array of fire roasted vegetables.

After dinner we moved to the lounge just in time for the “Retro Cocktail Hour” on the radio. This funky radio show, allows one to slow down and step back In time for a moment.

Broadcasting from an underground bunker in Kansas, Darrell Brogden showcases his Private Eye Jazz music and it is sure to set the mood for your cocktail party.

Okay, okay, on with the Review!

Redemption Rye Whiskey.

This rugged, frontier style whiskey comes in a flask style bottle. It is flatter and rounded, like another favorite of mine, Bulliet Bourbon. This bottle has a simple yet appealing label and looks great on the shelf.

Upon opening I could smell the Rye immediately, after all it is 95 % rye.

In the glass, this dram is a medium to dark gold color, almost honey. Slight viscosity showing thin legs, telling me this has little to no sugar and has a higher alcohol content by volume.

Coming forward first, the spicey rye notes are prominent on the nose. A strong smell of alcohal. I get an odd martini smell as well, strange!

Tasting, I get spice and a nice woodiness which I enjoy alot! At 46% ABV, A few drops of water really opens up the flavors, and mellows it out just enough. It now has vanilla, from the cask, coming forward. I’m getting a floral prettiness to this now.

This finish is mellow and short. There is a bit of heat, but not much. Oddly enough, I had a moment where I got a very faint mint flavor. Rounding out with a nice leather and pepper note.

This would pair well with a cheese and charcuterie board. Olives, roasted pepper and possibly a smoked trout or salmon.

Overall, for a young expression, this one is delicious! I love this whiskey and for sure, will be buying more. At right around thirty dollars a bottle, you get alot of bang for your buck! That along with its flavor profile makes this rye whiskey “On The Money!”

~ Bryan

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