CAO La Traviata

Intrepido Maduro

“I love me a good Maduro!” This is a budget stick with alot of great flavors and aromas.

At 7 x 54 you will need to set aside some time to enjoy this big beefy cigar. With Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and a dark oily Connecticut wrapper.


There was a nice sheen to the wrapper. Tight almost invisible seams, no soft spots, a little bumpy suggesting veins in the binder.

After cutting and toasting, my first draw revealed an easy draw with great smoke output. Tastes of rich coffee and cocoa were prominent. Since I am out Valentine’s day shipping, I can’t have my usual dram of whiskey. I instead turn to the next best thing, a double shot Latte.

Here we go! My first ash drop came at about two inches. This leads to the flavor progression in the first third.


It was a cool smoking cigar, holding a nice white ash. The Cocoa and Coffee notes hang in there strong.

As I progressed into the second third of the cigar, it became more peppery. Those earthy, coffee and cocoa notes lingered on throughout this third.

Into the final third, the wrapper stayed moist and held together nicely. The flavors now had became very intense. My second and final ash dropped at about two inches, keeping it cool to this point.


The Maduro burned evenly all the way to the nub, which was by now getting hot and soft. This is where I quit.

CAO has made yet another finely crafted cigar. I love a good Maduro and this one surley foots the bill.

This smooth medium bodied cigar is definitely a favorite of mine, along side the legendary Natural.

Thank You CAO for a pleasurable budget friendly smoking experiance!



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