An Understanding of Whisk(e)y.


Have you ever sat down with a good friend and shared a new to you Whisk(e)y? Understanding where it came from, or how long it took to get to you? Maybe you argue over which flavors are most prominent.

In my case i write, i shoot, i contemplate. I feverishly pick apart every layer of the experience.  What does it do for me? Getting a new to me whiskey is always exciting.

The world of Whisk(e)y is an intriguing place to spend a few hours or in my case an obsession. No I am not swilling bottles of booze and clambering around intoxicated! I really enjoy  the history of the craft. So many expressions from so many makers. Bourbon aging in fresh white oak casks. meanwhile in Scotland they like to finish their expressions in used Sherry casks. Some distillers like to carve rings on the inside of their casks to get more surface area which will add more of the woods beauty to you Dram.

The recent popularity in whiskey, has exploded onto the scene with social media and has become the focal point of many artists and photographers. Never has bottling been more unique. From the shape and size, to the detail in the label. A symbol of sophistication and class.

When you purchase a bottle of Scotch and you can taste the sea air in Scotland, or the peat used to smoke the barley from whence it was birthed, you are taking a voyage with every sip. Each sip grows and blooms into a multitude of flavors, fragrant aromas, and memories. Remember the smell off Grandad’s roll top desk? Or the old leather sofa. I can’t eat anything with caramel in it, and not think of a silky dram of whiskey.

Add a premium cigar along with a lump of chocolate and you will have left planet earth for a moment! A moment when nothing else matters!


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