Why you are committing to relaxation, when you purchase a cigar!


Why do cigar smokers love cigars so much?

When I think of the stereotypical cigar smoker, I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Clint Eastwood. These men stood out from a line up with their squinty eyes or their manly one liners. But also by the cigar they smoke. You could find a guy playing a down an out detective sitting in a smoky low lit office, at a desk struggling with the unrelentless urge to solve a case. His only form of relaxation being that of a Smoldering cigar and a half a bottle of scotch tucked away in a drawer.


Or maybe Clint is riding Into town on a dried out horse, chomping at the bit to drink from the trough. Clint, worn out from his dusty and perilous travels, leaves behind his only companion and enters a saloon. The room gets quiet while he orders a shot of whiskey and a cigar.


When you purchase a cigar, you are signing a contract of sorts. The decree states that you will promise to cut some time out of your life and devote it to the cigar. You agree that you will take around forty five minutes to sit back, slow down and relax!

I always struggle with having a bigger more expensive cigar, because I want to be able to spend time, uninterrupted, from the daily grind and let the smoke develop Into a multitude of flavors. With a busy life it is hard to find time to do this. When I do, it is very relaxing and much needed!

There is a certain ritual to smoking a cigar. It all begins with the purchase. That excitment of choosing or ordering a cigar.

Next is inspection. How tight are the seams? Is the wrapper oily? Does it have a sheen? How does it smell? Any soft spots? Toothiness?


Then there Is clipping the end. Being sure to leave enough cap still adhered as to hold the cigar together, yet taking enough off to provide a good draw.

How does the cigar taste before lighting? Coffee, cocoa, or pepper?

Toasting the cigar or letting it combust into flame by the heat of the lighter, not the direct contact of the flame, helps adhere the wrapper to the cigar. After a good toasting, you get to light and take your first puff. This is my favorite part! The built up anticipation is almost too much to weather any longer.

It’s nice to have a sparkling water, or a whiskey on hand, to coincide with the cigar, especially about halfway through. Some people prefer scotch whisky, some prefer brandy, or some tobacconist’s prefer a bottle of Coke. The natural cane sugar goes hand in hand with the smoke. Whatever you choose as long as it clears you palete, you should be fine.

I personally prefer a peaty scotch, when smoking a Connecticut shade wrapper, which is a milder cigar. I like a less smoky, non peated whisky, when smoking a robust or full flavor cigar.

Whatever you choose, be sure to come back to the combinations you like! It’s not about what the guy next to you prefers or how much they cost. Simply how you like them.

Flavors change from the first puff all the way through to the end. I know this guy wouldnt agree, however It doesnt have to be a Cuban to be great!


“May your glass always be half full and never half empty!”


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